About HEVO

HEVO is a leading consultancy, risk-bearing project management and development company in the Netherlands. We are focused on Alternative real assets, Public real estate and Private built-for-use real estate.


  • Leading consultancy, risk-bearing project management and development company in the Netherlands, since 1970
  • Focus: Alternatives in Real Assets and 'Commercial built-for-use'
  • Motto: 'Sustainable Performance'
  • HQ: 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Number of staff employed by HEVO: approximately 75 employees
  • Annual turnover: approximately € 55 million
  • Part of TBI Holdings (fte: 6.000 and € 1.8 billion)


Since 1970, HEVO gained extensive knowledge and experience in Dutch public real estate and properties. From the beginning, HEVO has assisted (especially healthcare and educational) operators in developing their initiatives into viable business cases in order to successfully pitch them to a suitable bank, housing association or investor. We have deployed this knowledge of the Dutch investment market, properties and operators for (potential) investors. Next to this, we have a continuous pipeline with potential investments from property level  (range from €5-30 million) till portfolio level  (up to €100 million).


Subsequent to the consultancy work, HEVO can accept risk-bearing project management, issuing guarantees relating to quality, budget and planning, and we develop on a turnkey base. This gives security to both the operator and financial party. As a risk partner, we also share their interests. We agree on performance in advance and we deliver. These guarantees can be extended to the postcommissioning phase. This requires a high degree of entrepreneurship. But we feel comfortable in this situation/role, based on decades of experience and our skilled professionals. Our consultancy work consists e.g.:

  • Strategy and Investment policy
  • Feasibility analysis (from asset to portfolio level)
  • Local market information (target groups: supply and demand)
  • Sustainability strategy and labeling (ESG-SDG and GPR, BREEAM)
  • Business cases (also Expert Opinions)
  • Risk analysis and Second Opinions (e.g. for Investment Committee)
  • Corporate Real Estate Management
  • Due diligence (financial, technical and operator risk)
  • Contractual issues


Investment expertise

As a result of increased internationalisation not only the established order but also foreign investors are looking for Dutch alternative asset categories to invest in (healthcare, education, student housing and thematic investments). HEVO plays a valuable connecting role between the public and private sector as consultant and risk-bearing party.

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